Matias Galeano aka Boluddha is a travel photographer who focuses on the dialogue between the coherent world of architecture and the organic, chaotic lives held within.

With an eye for minimalism and symmetry, the Argentine-born photographer uses his globe-trotting upbringing as a tool to identify and frame the patterns which form around humans and their habits all across the world.

Join Boluddha on his travels and see the world through the eyes of an idiot seeking the light.


A travel photographer with a unique perspective on architecture, Boluddha’s obsessive eye stops at nothing to summon the hidden patterns which arise from and govern our daily lives. In his images, the fine lines we walk daily create a sense of equilibrium between chaos and order that has come to define his work.

To that end Boluddha will spend hours, sometimes days, surveying structures; each line, each angle, each beam of light is considered in pursuit of the perfect point of view.

Across the world from Buenos Aires to Belgrade, from New York to Hong Kong, lying on the floor looking up, and hanging from a helicopter looking down.