The 4 Colors of Barri Gaudi

This social housing complex in the outskirts of Reus is one of Catalan architect Ricardo Bofill (Walden 7, La Muralla Roja)earliest works. The project attempts to create a positive platform for collective living in a small diverse community. The idea was to offer a potentially self-contained community through the inclusion of commercial spaces, supermarkets, bars, and recreational facilities around the homes. The neighborhood is divided into four different zones, aligned with the direction of the four winds, and each dominated by a different color. Blue, Red, Yellow, and Green. Upon entering each ‘zone’ I was immediately taken aback by the way the color changes the light, as if seeing through blue/red/yellow/green tinted glasses until your eyes finally adjust. This lends a dreamlike touch to the spaces, which only adds to the surreal experience amidst Escher-like corridors, stairs and platforms. Here I’ve divided the images by zone in order to compare and contrast the way the colors play slightly different roles within the sometimes identical spaces.